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Tube of Light Invocation (Say 3 times)

Beloved Mighty I AM Presence! Enfold me now in Thy Mighty, Magic, Electric Pillar of Ascended Master Light Substance! Make it so Powerful that no human creation can pass through ever again. Within this Mighty Tube of Light, blaze Thy Violet Transmuting Flame in, through, and around my four lower bodies and consume everything less than Thy Perfection now. In its place, charge my world and all I contact with the Ascended Master Consciousness and with the Substance and Consciousness of each one of the Ascended Masters’ Living Presence and Activity right now. See that this Light keeps me invisible, invincible, and invulnerable to everything but Thy Almighty Presence and infinitely sensitive to Thee and Thy Divine Perfection. Source:

October 21, 2014

Video: Utilizing the October 23-25 Gateway Trigger: Unification

Lenticular Clouds at Mount Shasta (photo credit:  Sandra Walter)
Sandra (The Yogini of Mount Shasta) Walter shares important information about this gateway beginning tomorrow until October 25th.  Here she directs gatekeepers, gridworkers, etc. on what best to do with the energy.  I just want to point out that Sandra has courses wherein individuals who learn from her are able to identify what their role is.  If you don't know for certain, go inward and find out. Or take Sandra's class, if your finances allow.  I feel I am getting ready to join her "tribe", as I am feeling the need for support and guidance in the way that she provides.  I finally have a little mad money, and of course the first I do is invest in my personal growth.  I don't buy clothes or shoes, as anyone who knows me can tell you. Plus I really DO NOT care about such things - indulging in outer appearances actually makes me depressed.  But I digress.

We are advised here and in Anna Merkaba's message below, to have a clear idea of where we are and to make it good!  These energies are acting as amplifiers (I can attest to that!) so stay in a heightened vibration and in the HEART (EARTH)!  ALL LOVE for the EARTH (HEART)!  ~Sharda~

The Hathors and Metatron via Anna Merkaba

Another wonderful message here from Anna Merkaba herself, the Hathors and Metatron (my personal favorite!).  As usual, I was, and still AM, feeling the early effects of this portal.  For the past few days I've been processing energy which, as always, appears as an external conundrum.  It took me about a half day to realize that this is probably more shedding of the old paradigm programs, but only seems like a life issue.  I got a strong nudge to take the day off yesterday to rest and regroup, which I did.  Then I see this message and the following one by Sandra Walter.   I am experiencing fairly uncomfortable symptoms, but at least I had "cave" time and was able to be still and connect, for which I feel immensely grateful!!! 

I was pleased as well, upon reading Metatron's message below, that I in fact do own a aragonite crystal and I held onto it all through the night.  I have to say I absolutely felt better upon awakening (once at 4:30 a.m.- back to sleep again till 10 a.m.  Typical during these upgrades.).  When I woke up the second time, my body was tingling, particularly around the legs and feet.  Having had these symptoms for many months continually in the past, I knew for certain that something significant was taking place as I slept and allowed the body to integrate, as I am sure it is being assisted by my team of healers.  I realize now as I type this that the situation that prompted me to take the day off was a way for my guidance to "make" me stay home, so that I could take full advantage of the energy.  I do recommend getting a piece of aragonite, they are not expensive at all, and you can get a nice one for 10 bucks.  ~Sharda~

Avalanche Portal of Success, True Self-Mastery, Release and Awe, October 23rd
 via Anna Merkaba
October 16, 2014

Greetings everyone. Before I begin this channeling I would like to tell you what I was told by my guides and what I was shown. The Avalanche Portal that is coming up on October 23rd is exactly as the name implies, it is an Avalanche of experience.

This portal is an incredible amplifier of EVERYTHING that is within us. An amplifier of BOTH polarities, which means that whatever you are going to walk with into this portal with on October 23rd will be amplified.

Meaning if you will have a “negative” outlook on your life, ALL These fears and apprehensions will be amplified! All of your fears that you have not had a chance to deal with just yet, will be brought onto the surface for you to examine and finally LET GO of. If you walk into this portal with a positive outlook, beaming with excitement and anticipation of most beautiful experiences that await you, as well as focus only on the positive outcomes in every situation, this portal will bring you MUCH success, abundance, health, and everything and anything you can possibly imagine for yourself.

This portal will reflect back to you what YOU ARE.  This portal brings an opportunity to move onto a NEW PATH. And to truly immerse yourself into your own self! It will showcase to you your strength (if you allow) and weaknesses (if you allow), and will propel you onto new heights only, and only if ,you will be able to LET GO and TRUST that all is going according to DIVINE blueprint of your being.

Therefore in the days leading up to, during and post this portal it is HIGHLY important to make time for YOURSELF. To truly open up to your own soul, having the courage to see yourself for who you truly are, letting go of fear, and embracing yourself with LOVE that you give to OTHERS.

This time is all about YOU. Allowing you to go to the depths of yourself and emerge with the knowledge of what you are doing here. And not just knowledge but an actual pathway, a roadmap if you will, of what you are to do with your life.

Therefore it’s highly important to examine the fear that may come up for you. Running away from it is futile, you will need to face it head on, understanding exactly where it is coming from, working with it, and releasing it. Once again I will say that I have written numerous guides on how to do just that which you can find on my blog at

I have also received a message from Arch Angel Metatron which I was told to incorporate into this channeling. I will talk about it after the channeling form the Hathors, it’s quite an important message to assist you in preparing for this portal.

Once again you can work on yourself at any given moment in time, however there are certain days where certain portals open up for us to partake of. To sum up: the coming portal is to be celebrated, and utilized to the best of your capacity allowing it to stir you in the right direction for your soul.

So having said this, here is the channeling from the Hathors, enjoy
The avalanche portal of discoveries of the past and the discoveries of the future, shall ring true to the ears of those who are familiar with said statements. Shall ring true to the ears of those who understand innately that which we speak of.

For through the Avalanche portal of your known understanding of personified existence on human earth, you shall be granted access to the highest octaves of your higher self. Through the Avalanche portal of the Emerald frequencies and recognition purposes. For the emerald principles of your being shall propel you to the recognition that indeed such frequencies are plausible and comprehensible in your world.

For indeed the Avalanche portal is that which shall propel you to and open the door to your home planets, to the destination of that which you all hold sacred. The Avalnch portal of abundance, restoration, recalibration, balance, peace, harmony, health, love, fruitful endeavors, aligned opportunities, significant encounters… ALL this is coming your way, all this is already available, all this can and shall be found in the Avalanch portal of the coming new moon. The Avalanche portal of abundance, health and joy. The avalanche of love and affection, the avalanche of prosperity, benevolence and peace.

For through the encounters with the divinity of your being, through the strength of perseverance, through the abundance of thinking patterns, through the recalibration of your thought processes, through the allowance, and release of all that no longer shall occupy your frames of existence, through all that is all that is not, you shall find the necessary decrees, the necessary steps to take in the fruitful discovery of where you presently are and where you are yet to be.

WE the Hathors, the forefathers of your known world. The foremothers of your know existence. Are standing by you, ready to assist you in all that you are. Ready to guide you. Ready to be guided by you. Ready to assist all our children in reaching the highest destination of your being.

That is all that we have for you now. We love you. We are with you. Goodbye for now

As I promised here is a short message to all of you from Arch Angel Metatron.

“Dearly beloved children of GAIA, as you move through ascension corridor of your own creation, you shall assist GAIA in spreading her wings once more, you shall assist her as you are assisting your own selves, and in doing so you shall raise your vibrations ever so much. For the true essence of being lays in the understanding that you all are connected with the divine, you all are connected with your very own selves, you all are connected with GAIA and all of the universe. For all is ONE and one is ALL. And so, you are to seek out a stone of high purity and abundance, a stone that shall bring you closer to the understanding of that which you are , a stone that shall release the lay lines of your being and align you with the lay lines of GAIA.

The exquisite formation of extraordinary desires inset in the classification doctrine of GAIA’s purest form of expression, can be found in the aragonite directive within the structural element grids of her being.

Through the aragonite principles it is then plausible to establish an understanding with the connectedness that many on you planet are lacking and are indeed desiring to experience. For the frequency that this particular design carries can permeate through your being at high capacities and re establish the link long lost to the archonic influences of your known world.

Through the aragonite principles the accords can be reset, resurrected and directed to the very core of your being, to the very core of that which you are. And a such opening the channels of communication not only with the deity of your choice, but most importantly with the one that you are longing to connect with, and that is yourself. As the principles abound on your planet, many more encounters with the divine insetting shall be acquired through the knowledge of the past , the knowledge of the future, and present moment in time.”

For those of you who do not know about Aragonite. This is a strong stone to heal the earth, and to heal you… both emotionally and spiritually. It resonates strongly through the base chakra and the earth chakra to release excess energy… and spiritual grounding into Mother Gaia.

The vibration of these stones aids you to feel a stronger sense of support and connection to the earth. The energy of Aragonite Star Clusters will balance and support your lower chakras… and provide you with a feeling of stability within your life.

These stones have an excellent vibration for allowing you to feel more grounded, fully present and centered. They may aid you to be more patient and to be more content about your life circumstances.
Using them is one of the useful methods to relieve stress… and when you are generally having difficulty coping emotionally with the circumstances of your life, these stones may be particularly helpful. They may relieve anger and resentment… and they are known to help you if you have anxiety, stress or other negative em

Aragonite Star Clusters have a strong spiritual vibration and are excellent to aid meditation. As during meditation, they are known to bring visions of forgotten memories… both from this life and past lives. It may be challenging to have these memories that you would rather have forgotten, come back to your attention.

As this is quite common when using these stones, it is highly beneficial to use the Aragonite Star Clusters before meditation, to enable you to be more prepared.

They will clear your auric field of disharmony, then balance your chakras. The energy of this stone may bring your vibration to a higher point, in preparation for making contact with spirit.
Once it has succeeded in raising your vibration this energy then flows through to energize the physical body.

Meditation with this stone may vividly bring back old memories, both from this lifetime and past lives. Once you have released these memories, the subsequent meditation with these stones will be quite different.

Once again thank you for listening. I love you all and am sending you an AVALANCHE of prosperity, abundance, health, love and light!

Source about the crystal is from :

P.P.S. To help you on your journey I have written and published a book. It is now available for all of you in both hard copy and digital form. It is called “Mission To Earth – A Light workers guide to self mastery”. In it I explore topics such as: Why you are here and what you are doing on earth. How Starseeds get to earth to begin with. Why you feel the way you do. How to communicate with your guides. How to discover your life purpose. How to release everything and let it go. How to reprogram yourself in order to fully connect with your true essence. How to release old thinking patterns and institute a new reality into your life. How to change your life and make it what you want it to be, and most importantly how to find a link back HOME! There’s a lot more that I discuss in this book. I invite you to join me on this journey of self discovery as we explore together the “HOW”, the “WHY” and the “WHEN”. For more information please visit :
~Anna Merkaba – Distant Energy Healer- Channeler – Lightworker. To book a Healing Session with Anna and for more channeled messages to help you on your journey to self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEIL –

October 17, 2014

200 Reasons Why You Should Call On Your "Almightly I AM Presence"

Swami Sivananda of Hrishikesh,
Master Yogi, Teacher, Saint
A very long but very practical teaching from Sanat Kumara about how best to elevate our vibration in order that we may purify, and therefore ascend.  The instructions are each short and succinct, but hold great depth.  Most if not all of what he speaks is precisely the path that is followed by the Yogis as a means to enlightenment.  It is called Saucha, or purity, wherein one refrains from any and all indulgences that impinge on the physical and etheric bodies of the individual seeker.  It is no surprise that we are advised to give up the consumption of tobacco, meat and alcohol, as these create serious obstacles to our progress.

Another Yogic discipline known as Brahmacharya is emphasized here, and that is the restraint from sexual activity for anything other than procreation.  (Brahmacharya has greater implications, and refraining from sex is only one of them.) This is a sensitive topic, and one that is greatly misunderstood.   Or perhaps it is simply ignored.  One of the greatest illusions inserted into humanity to keep us in the cycle of ignorance is the sexual impulse.  Because it has been so drummed into our collective consciousness, anything that challenges the concept is considered absurd.  From a Yogic perspective, the vital fluids of a sexual nature are derived from the essence of our etheric body and is called Ojas Shakti, the most valuable life force.  When this is expended, we are draining the very building blocks of spiritual awakening.

The path to enlightenment is an arduous one, and continual vigilance and sincerity are not to be underestimated.  There are no quick fixes, not even this "ascension to do list", unless adhered to with firm resolve.  Going back to our mother ships or having E.T's descend, or discovering the ascended masters walking among us, can become ideas that distract one from the ultimate goal.  They might be part of the story, but so is the entire universe!  I feel much of the new age movement has peculiar trappings, and a kind of selective wisdom, that appear to keep us afloat, but has little in the way of substance - most of it consists in watered down teachings reminiscent of the hippie movement.  It is only you who can elevate you. That, and grace.

It is my contention that we should seek the guidance and blessings of a master, a spiritual guru, who will lovingly guide us in the correct direction.  When in the company of such a one, doubts, questions and darkness disappear - the fire of their knowledge and compassion burn ignorance and attachment, and the mind is rendered still.  It is an experience of BEING, after which only supreme and perfect love remains, and we partake of the amrita, the nectar, of spiritual bliss.  ~Sharda~

Sanat Kumara:  What To Do and NOT To Do to Ascend
received through Andew Bojarski

  1. Sanat Kumara is a very loved high being of Light. He is one of the The Seven Kumaras, known as Lords of The Flame, from Venus.

  2. The Kumaras were the only ones from this entire system of planets who of their own free will and infinite Love offered to guard the children of earth and assist their upward progress.

  3. They came and gave transcendent help here at the most critical period of earth’s growth.

  4. It was the time of initiation that is most dangerous in the Life of a planet and its humanity, but through their protection and guidance, the goal was attained and mankind has been enabled to reach the greater heights.

  5. Every twenty-five hundred years, the Kumaras release a greatly increased outpouring of Cosmic Love, Wisdom, and Energy.

  6. This blazing Light and transcendent radiance, flooding the earth and its inhabitants, interpenetrating all, is a tremendous lifting process, and gives a forward impulse to the growth of the entire earth, as well as its humanity.

  7. Just preceding each of these great outpourings, extraordinary physical disturbances occur, and general unrest is felt throughout by the people.

  8. Such disturbance is due to the discord that has accumulated during the last of the preceding period.

October 02, 2014

A Short Update of the Energies ~ Aisha North

While the general title of the message is "A Short Update...", there is nothing brief about the  meaning in this message.  Every word shared here is absolutely on point, and to be taken as an accurate summation of where we are on our ascension path. 

Indeed a great deal of pressure has been reduced and we can now relax into a our selves and take in an enormous sense of accomplishment combined with awareness - if it were not for the diligent forward movement we have participated in on a very personal level, we could not appreciate the heights to which we have risen in consciousness.  Ascension is truly within us; we are in the midst of it and we may not even know it until we step away and view ourselves from a distance.

I wish I could describe what it feels like to be so absorbed in the Self and care but naught for the world.  It is all going away.  Levels of awareness become very subtle, and we catch glimpses of cosmic integration.  Nothing is outside of Self; we are slowly and methodically being re-absorbed into the Cosmic Womb, the Great Yoni of the Goddess.  This is home and this is the place of the seeds of love. Here we are nurtured with great patience because we are the children of the Universal Mother.  There is nothing for us to do, only to be.

It is a very precarious affair to be in both worlds at once, as my concern is always how will I take care of my responsibilities if I can no longer function in 3D?  Because truth be told, 3D is thinning out by the day, and I mean that quite literally.  I have less and less concern with the machinations of the business of life, and in fact I don't trust it.  What I trust is the depth of peace that is bestowed upon one who is ready to step into full realization.  Yet, what I have touched upon in my hours and days of solitude is but a teeny tiny itty bitty glimpse of what is ahead into the sphere of awakening.  I stop short of attributing to this understanding a variety of adjectives - they won't have any meaning until they are discovered for oneself.

What is really happening is that the body-vehicle is slowly re-blending with the Higher Self, and in the process we are losing the dense layers, so it appears that we are in a heightened state of consciousness, and we are, because we are not supported by previous structures.  We have literally become lighter, except we have no vocabulary for that, so we must cling to our faith and deeper guidance and intuition, until we get our bearings and begin to trust that this is very real. 

I think it's time to begin enjoying the fruits of our hard and diligent work.  Fuck all of the struggle and heartache - it's a new day and we are here to proclaim our sovereignty.  It is our birthright to be free and happy and at peace.  Listen to your own Self, your own heart - follow it, not any one or any thing.  Remove all the extraneous voices and tune into you. ~Sharda~

Aisha North and
The Constant Companions
October 2, 2014

You have by now taken a whole lot of pressure off your shoulders dear ones, and even if you might argue that it feels more like the opposite is true, this is indeed the case. For as you have allowed yourselves to further this expansion, you have also served to alleviate the pressure from the old. For even if many of you like to think that it is the incoming energies that are adding to the pressure, it is more correct to say that it is in fact the imbalance between the old and the new that constitutes this pressure, and now, as you have managed to create spaces that allow this flow between them to travel in a much more efficient way, you have also allowed yourself the benefit of equaling out the difference between your current state and the upcoming one to such a degree, it will feel lighter for you to step through the divide.

September 26, 2014

Karen Dover ~ The Release of Constraints

The Truth Codes
September 23, 2014

Many of you may have experienced an intense equinox with much emotion surfacing which may have floored you.  The distortions that are taught within the old 3D earth created construct are not supported in the New Earth frequency realities. As the planet itself is raising its frequency then the frequencies that no longer resonate within the human vehicle rise to the surface.   It is to be noted that ANY triggers that have appeared for you over the past linear 48 hours are there to HELP you, you can only release that which you can see and acknowledge at a human conscious waking mind level.

There is no more “hiding” any longer, that which no longer serves the human race will be illuminated from within the human race.  From the simplest teaching to the most complex hidden teaching the frequencies are no longer supported therefore rise to the surface to be released. Any attempts at swallowing down said frequencies and “carrying on” will see much frustration and intense emotional pain manifest within you. The emotional pain is there to be released, the human race has been TAUGHT to accept abandonment, betrayal and grief as a “natural” part of being human and as this is not TRUTH it is not supported.

SaLuSa ~ Words of Wisdom About Our "Life Plan"

channeled through Mike Quincey
September 26, 2014
"Matters are speeding along so that when you “come of age” everything you need will be available to you. You are Cosmic Beings in your infancy and are evolving very quickly so that when you have full consciousness, the Universe will be yours to explore."

There are now two distinct groups of souls upon Earth, and these represent those who have opened their consciousness to the truth of their being, and those who are stuck in the lower vibrations and make little or no attempt to understand their position. Until such souls start to awaken to their true self they will continue to only believe what they see before their eyes. However, we do not condemn such souls in any way and we make allowances for those who are controlled by their ego. It is only experience that will bring about a shift in consciousness, when one starts to question the purpose of life. The truth will come to all given time, and this period upon Earth is the ideal time to bring up questions about the purpose of life. For those without some form of faith it is a very difficult time, as they question why a God of Love allows such atrocities that are taking place.

September 22, 2014


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The Equinox Energies ~ A Short Update

A Short Update on the Equinox Energies and A Short Update From Me
by Aisha North
September 22, 2014

Now, you are only a few short hours away from that point in time when your entire planet once more hangs as if suspended in equilibrium when the light and the dark seem to be equally distributed all over. Well, that may be the case, but let us just remind you that this time there is indeed another huge influx of light coming your way just when the time seems to stand still and you with it. You see, once again this window of opportunity that this equinox constitutes will be utilized, and this time it will indeed far surpass any previous occasions.

September 21, 2014

Archangel Michael's Light of Protection

"Know always that you are loved, and 
we of the Legions of Light await your call."

A beautiful invocation of love and protection from Archangel Michael channeled through my personal friend, Trillia Gia. These is a very special time for the Lighted Ones, and AA Michael's words act as a soothing balm.  I have recently felt a connection to Him that has not been present until now, when I watched the video with Jodi Serota.  At the end she mentions how the sword of AA Michael will light our path.  That image connected to me deeply and I now have a better understanding of AA Michael and how I can call upon him.  Now with this wonderful prayer, we are given a very potent shielding for our daily use.   Simply reading through it one feels a sense of well-being and security, sheltered from all that is not of the Light.  It is a wonderful and sublime feeling - one that generates more purified emotions bestowed upon us from the Higher Realms.  ~Sharda~

Archangel Michael's Light of Protection
channeled through Trillia Gia

It is I, Archangel Michael.  I greet you this day.  I come to speak directly to you in this now moment of time.  Feel My Presence and know always that you are never alone. We are family and it is My honor to guide and protect each soul who sends forth a call from their heartflame to Mine.

We are well within the days of transition and know that the Change that is within you shall soon manifest before you. Have you chosen to bring forth the beauty that flows forth from the Heart of our Father Mother God through your heart to create the miracles you seek?  Each of you who read my words have stood before Me to pledge your hands, your feet and most importantly your heart in service to our Creator to bring forth that which has been decreed, to bring forth Freedom to your Mother and all of her children!