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"Our words are for validation of what you already know. You, by being Infinite Souls, know within yourselves all things. This planet will not be allowed to 'house' or sustain energies, devices, technologies, that are not of the vibrational ...frequencies that are Intended for Earth's future and her harmonious insertion into the plane of ...existence that is compatible with her higher dimensional neighbors. As you watch events unfold, you can choose fear or you can choose joy. Joy in knowing that Earth is moving into a vibrational state of being that is more compatible with God's Light than human darkness. It is not about what is 'right' or what is 'wrong.' It is about Change and it is about Divine Alignment with God's Intention. Blessings to all on Earth." Message from Extra-terrestrials who connect with Lauren.

April 22, 2014

The Shift ~ "A restructuring, reconfiguring Process is fully under way."

Parallel Worlds – Shifted
April 22, 2014
Inter-dimensional Parallel Worlds Shifted in the Early morning hours of the 22nd of April 2014, as the Fullness of Victoria Elohim through the Elohim DNA Creation Plan, shifted them.  The results, are simply what shows up as the Effects/Results, about to unfold, in this current timeline.

A restructuring, reconfiguring Process is fully under way.

Synchronistic events, converging into timely, meaningful, choreographed events, will follow, as the New frequencies are fully Activated and Activating, in this current timeline, through the changes in the Parallel Worlds/Timelines. This impacts and changes the timeline Now, and is simply the result.
This is the unfolding of the Plan.

These Parallel Worlds, have a Great Impact on the Timeline of this current reality that you are Experiencing in Consciousness.

Solar Eclipse In Taurus: Prelude To Royalty

Solar Eclipse In Taurus: Prelude To Royalty
by Salvador Russo, Astrologer
April 21, 2014

Earth will soon be christened with wealth and treasure long sought and desperately needed as we approach a Solar Eclipse in Taurus this April 29th. Fantastic increases in quality of life can be expected to sprout and bloom through our minds, spring, and summer as a consequence of this cosmic wave of wealth which will soon resurrect the most depleted zones of our lives. The shadow of Saturn bears down on Taurus but the power of this eclipse will soon eradicate odious poverties from our lives. I now entreat you to my thoughts on the upcoming Solar Eclipse in Taurus...

Sheldan Nidle - April 22, 2014

7 Manik, 10 Kank'in, 10 Caban
Selamat Balik! Events continue to move forward! The dark continues to reel as it encounters one potential setback after another. A scenario is forming that promises to give us the means to bring out the first stage of monetary reforms that are to swiftly lead to your abundance. The currency reforms and the new banking regulations are merely the start of a system that is to produce gold-backed monies. These things are to lead to a new environment that is to be overseen by a series of NESARA-like governments across this globe. It is this new network of governance that is to spawn disclosure and set the way for formal announcements about first contact and your return to full consciousness. This process is to also allow for your inner Earth brethren to appear before you. We, along with your Ascended Masters, are to set the stage for this grand journey. As you progress, so Mother Earth is to move forward with changes to her surface realm. These alterations are to return her surface to the size and shape that existed in the latter days of ancient Lemuria. In this mode, a permanent golden Age can appear!

April 20, 2014

A Sneak Preview of Mass Sightings ~ My Waking Vision

East River Park Under the Brooklyn Bridge
by Sharda Chaitanya

I had a vision yesterday. 

I was laying in the grass at East River Park, this just after doing a communication with the Sun (asking to receive codes, knowledge, expanded DNA, etc.)   I nearly fell asleep on the bench in a little removed area in a cul-de-sac.  After reading and meditating and all that, I thought I had enough and should probably go, but didn't really want to...ya know, it was such a nice and much needed warm day. Some of us around here are still not completely thawed out after the brutal Winter we endured.

As I walk toward the exit of the park, I see folks lying on the grass in the sun.  They made it look so inviting.  I thought, okay, why not, I should put my body on the Earth, it has been a while!  The last time I did that was sometime last Autumn. So I gladly plopped myself down, got comfortable and looked skyward.  As I did this I noticed little "floaters" in my eyes; this is not news, but the first one I saw was in the shape of an OM, which is actually called Omkaram in Sanskrit.  Very cool and  That was a little bit of amazing that I received. Okay, a very nice gift for sure. 

IMPORTANT GLOBAL MEDITATION TO OPEN PORTALS - Participate in Changing the Planet!!!

 UPDATE 4/21/14:  IS:IS Has Risen

IS:IS Portal Activation Update 

Cobra initiated global activation event 

Find what time in your part of the world to do your meditation:  

There are less than two days before the activation left. The energies are already intensifying and the compression is getting stronger. It is very important that we remain as calm as possible and hold the Light. Also, it is still important to get this viral and reach as many people as possible.

The official facebook group for this activation is here:

There has been a slight change to the instructions for the activation. We will not be doing the Sacred Spiral Dance just before the activation. Please skip this part, all other instructions remain the same.

Here are the Youtube videos for the activation. Although the instruction for the Sacred Spiral Dance is still included, please disregard that small section of the video. The videos have been created in 9 languages until now.



Hilarion: "your physical body has to contend with the kundalini"

through Marlene Swetlishoff
April 20-27, 2014

Beloved Ones,

Many downloads of energy and recalibrations are occurring within you during these times. This can create discomfort within your physical bodies in many ways such as soreness and stiffness of the joints, ringing in the ears, pain and tenderness in various points of the spine, feelings of irritability, fleeting moments of dizziness, strong energy flows through the bottoms of the feet, and the list goes on, depending upon each person and the stage of expansion they are currently experiencing. The transformation of your physical, mental and emotional bodies continues in an accelerated manner. Those who are at the forefront of these changes are more sensitive to their effects upon the human operating system and they sometimes feel that there will never be an end to the feelings of stress, tension, anxiety, nervousness and discomfort in their solar plexus area. These are symptoms of your psychic senses opening more fully and being turned on.

April 19, 2014

Video: Brilliant Fireball From Space Explodes Over Russian City

Meteor-like object over Russia's Murmansk caught on dash-cams
April 19, 2014

A suspected meteorite explosion has been recorded by citizens of the northern Russian city of Murmansk.

Multiple drivers with dashcams out on the streets of the 300,000-people city at 2.10am on Saturday noticed a bright blue trail speed across the night sky, then explode while still in the air.

Most observers identified the object as a meteorite, though officials have neither confirmed it nor said where the fragments are likely to have landed. Others speculated that the object may have been space debris, re-entering the atmosphere.

Papa Francesco: “Non siamo soli”

Pope Francis: 
"We Are Not Alone in the Universe"
April 13, 2014

 Rome - In his homily, held this morning in St. Peter's Square, Pope Francis with great ease and amazement among the faithful present reveals: "Dear brothers, I wanted to tell all of you that we are not alone in the universe. Science has already made ​​so much progress and will most likely soon will know our new brothers and sisters with whom we will exchange a sign of peace. On that day there will be wonder and remember that God is one and watching over us all. "

The revelation has puzzled and amazed thousands of people came to the streets to follow the homily, but Pope Francis has done more, he wanted to clarify that the progress is very important and must always have an open mind to new also the most amazing, in accordance with common sense. This revelation will surely change everything, but the Pope still walking on his way to open the doors of a renewed church in any kind of true.  (Google translate)

(I hope to Jesus this is real!)


April 15, 2014

Sheldan Nidle - April 15, 2014

13 Ben, 3 Kank'in, 10 Caban
Dratzo! Your world is caught in an immense hidden struggle between the dark cabal and the Light. The Light has won many legal battles and gathered numerous powerful allies. These allies are now diligently completing a strategy that is to manifest your abundance. Prosperity funds are to signal the start of new governance. We ask that those who are to share in this prosperity learn to be good "watchdogs." Understand how power and wealth operate together and be prepared to assist in the carrying out of the various elements included in NESARA. NESARA is to develop into a program possessing true global capacity. As initial recipients, you need to understand the scope of actions required to make NESARA a great success. When the new governments formally announce us, we then need to begin a series of special announcements to prepare you for our arrival and explain your ancient origins from the stars. In addition, you need to know more about full consciousness and how you are to regain your special spiritual and physical faculties.