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Tube of Light Invocation (Say 3 times)

Beloved Mighty I AM Presence! Enfold me now in Thy Mighty, Magic, Electric Pillar of Ascended Master Light Substance! Make it so Powerful that no human creation can pass through ever again. Within this Mighty Tube of Light, blaze Thy Violet Transmuting Flame in, through, and around my four lower bodies and consume everything less than Thy Perfection now. In its place, charge my world and all I contact with the Ascended Master Consciousness and with the Substance and Consciousness of each one of the Ascended Masters’ Living Presence and Activity right now. See that this Light keeps me invisible, invincible, and invulnerable to everything but Thy Almighty Presence and infinitely sensitive to Thee and Thy Divine Perfection. Source:

September 15, 2014

Aisha North ~ A Short Update on the Energies (The Autumn Exquinox)

I was looking over this message quickly as I sat at my computer literally ready to run out for errands.  But it was so compelling that I had to post it first!  Today's message from Aisha and the Constant Companions is very much on point.  What they explain is precisely my thinking and experience as of late.  All old energies are on their way out.  The path ahead is being cleared so that we will have space to live in a new, renewed, frequency.  From a personal perspective, I am changing almost by the day - that is not an exaggeration.  "Things" are falling away from me at every turn, and what was a burden of material 3D emotions or issues or involvement turns into angel dust in the next moment, and flies away.  Judgements, ambitions, opinions - the structures that define us are all disappearing.  So if you find yourself conflicted, this is probably why.  The letting go of the density (the stuff that makes up our familiarity zone) is just plain scary.  It may look like we are being pulled back into the quagmire, but it is an illusion - we are examining it one last time, and then the light takes it away.  Do the I AM Presence meditations or the Violet Flame daily for assistance.  Move away from the drama and stay centered in your Higher Self.  

Much love,

Aisha North
and the Constant Companions

As many of you have noticed the amplitude is once again increasing as we all prepare you for that incoming blast of light that will once again envelop your entire planet in this upcoming period. For as many of you know, you are approaching an important time of your year, when you once again enter what we like to call a focal point of energies. For what you call your Equinox is once again approaching, and with it, a whole new set of coordinates will come into being.

You see, this period will this time also come accompanied by a whole host of energetic messengers that will serve to strengthen the foundations for all those seeking balance while at the same time serve to further destabilize those still intent on creating fear in the hearts and minds of humanity. And so, that rift between the two worlds will once again widen, and for those trying to straddle this expanse, the ensuing confusion will also increase.

September 14, 2014

Gaia Portal Update ~ 9/13/2014

Structures of intuition are solidified.

This enables Hue-Beings to find energetic connections to essences required for next Ascension protocols.

Secondary energy grids support the primary.

Fathoms of shadows are now en-Lightened.

Presumptive pathways have been cut.

Dramas are ending.

Clarity is the only reality.

September 08, 2014

President Obama Visits Stonehenge. Truly.

This is pretty fantastic - the President of the United States, our Mr. Obama, tours Stonehenge, and it's been recorded as an official White House video.

The signal from Mr. Obama could not be clearer - visiting an ancient site which is shrouded in mystery? One that is well known for its spiritual significance and 'New Age" popularity?  

This is no small thing and does in fact send out a very clear message to the world:  "The time is upon us - no more stalling with false flags events and hiding behind UFO Cover ups - my people are on their way."

September 07, 2014

The Harvest Moon and Portal Opening for September 9th (9/9)

Supermoon Portal
All Gateways Are Open September 7th to the 12th

September 6, 2014
by Diane Canfield

We are approaching a time of increased energy waves as the Supermoon on September 9th provides us with increased awareness when we are at the stage in the ascension process where we can be aware of the higher expansions and what this feels like energetically.  This actually can take place anywhere from the 7th to the 12th as this is just like other energy portals as in the equinox and solstice. These people that are more sensitive will feel more and be more tuned into the Universal energetics.  For those that are not as aware this is still a step in the ascension process, it just goes on at an unconscious level but they too are now in the awakening process. They will also benefit from this expansion as will every being on the our beautiful Gaia.

Hilarion's Weekly Message ~ -September 7th - 14th

via Marlene Swetlishoff

Beloved Ones,

You are now playing the waiting game, only you cannot discern the purpose of your waiting. It is time to step up to the next level of your journey. The thing you are waiting for is your own remembrance of the magnificence you are. This remembrance is coded within you and it is connected to an event in your life that will or has already taken place. How you will know that yours has been activated is by the feeling you experience that there is nothing of the old world that holds any interest for you any longer. You are more than ready to leave behind all the old programs and beliefs that were not really yours to begin with. This readiness can sometimes be experienced as depression, lethargy and apathy, the feeling that nothing will ever get better in your day to day life and that there is only chaos and dissolution that surrounds you. Know that when you are experiencing this, you will soon be moving into a higher octave and frequency.

September 03, 2014

Anna Merkaba ~ "Tremendous Opportunity" Portal Opens Today

Beginning today and continuing until September 9th is a portal opening that is apparently one which offers us great opportunity for our cosmic awareness.  The energy is affecting everything and can be utilized for our benefit if we tune into the waves of light. grasp them, hold on and have them work their magic.  This means to take extra time each of these seven days to go a bit deeper, a bit higher and bring the two together in  physicality.  We are in the process of bringing Heaven to Earth, with our very own selves as the catalyst for these changes. 

Lots of upgrades to our DNA going on as the energy magnifies and releases ancient ancestral patterns embedded within our cellular structures.  This is a big one and is something that is at the heart of why our ascension symptoms have made us feel as though we are losing our grip on "reality".  Because we are.  What used to work doesn't anymore, an idea that requires a great deal of faith, until the time comes when we can experience it for ourselves.  And we do, except it is usually subtle and indecipherable in the day to day.  But when we step back we see how far we've come and how much has improved, it feels like a new day.  We understand the work we've done and the help we've recieved - and this isn't slowing down anytime soon.  For each letting go of the old, something of a more beautiful and refined frequency takes its place.  We feel more detachment, more love more forgiveness more patience more health, etc and so forth. 

Massive amounts of shifting is indeed underway and is amplified during these seven days.  I had a particularly long meditation this morning and so much was understood when I went full throttle with expressing my heart's desire for greater awareness. Then I read this wonderful message and felt reassured that I AM on point.  I have all but given up on 3D and retain the mindset of all that feels good and loving. If it doesn't, I don't go there - I AM done.  Finished.  Why bother?  What could possibly be had there that hasn't been experienced a gazillion times before?  Take a brave stance and all of Heaven will support that!  These next seven days are a unique time - and how fortunate are we that we've been given this invaluable information.  Use the energy to your liking.  Visualize the world you want to see.  If the awakened ones, the initiated one, were to shower the Earth daily with light (violet, white, golden-yellow, pink or blue or all of them) we'd have a New Earth today, and every NOW moment would filled with ecstatic realization belonging to all of us.  ~Sharda

Amygdala - Fertility - Abundance Portal - Sept 3rd thru 9th - Pleiades High Council
via Anna Merkaba
September 3, 2014

The portal that opens her gates to all of you on September 3rd of your earthly reality brings not only purification, but also fertility, and abundance on all. Aligning you with perfect opportunities for all who wish to adjust their frequency to match the frequencies of abundance, fertility and love. For the duration of seven days (7) days said portal shall bring many opportunities, for not only the inner workings of your heart, but the inner workings of your mind, thereby aligning you with various opportunities to access the abundance that you are all envisioning…

September 02, 2014

Sheldan Nidle Update ~ September 2, 2014

10 Ahau, 18 Uo, 11 Ik
Selamat Jalwa! (Be in Everlasting Joy!) We return with some wonderful news! NESARA is close to being announced. The currency reevaluation process is truly done! The global currency reset is nearly at hand. These developments are only the start of a process begun decades ago by our Earth allies. Besides the changes in government and finance, it is also the time when each of you can be set free from the grand morass that is global debt slavery. A series of important events and accompanying announcements are just the start of operations, which are to bring down the dark cabal and its numerous minions. Do not be in shock over what is to happen. Rejoice and know in your heart that an operation begins that is finally to set you free and reestablish your individual sovereignty. New government is to invite you in and ask your advice. Be prepared to accept all of this with grace and a firm belief in the Light. We are to await the time when it is appropriate for you to end the cover-up and disclose our existence and benevolence. We are ready at that moment to address you and explain in detail about first contact. Our landings are to be the start of a time to ready you for the joy of full consciousness.

August 27, 2014

We Are the One by Alec Christo, part 2 of 3

Part 2 describes Alec's walk in experience and the work he has come to do. So little is known about walk ins and what their mission is.  I find this a very fascinating topic and one that must be approached delicately.  When I first read about walk ins, I quickly turned the page and brushed off the topic as creepy and a little insane. In a word, it freaked me out.  But the phenomena kept presenting itself to me and I remained open to learning what this walk in business was about.  In ancient days, to give your body over to a being to fulfill a higher mission was common, and considered an great honor and act of service to the Divine.  Barbara Marciniak explains this in her book, but stops short of calling them walk ins, although the description is clearly what I am referring to here.  

In truth, there is quite literally a universe of things we don't know.  But with the information provided below, we get a glimpse of what is possible.  It is not for the sake of sensationalism that we share these stories, it is for the purpose of realizing what we humans are capable of when we vibrate at a higher frequency.  Don't forget that we have been told nothing of the truth, and we live in a fabricated world consisting of deception, violence and slavery.   Because of this, we are largely unaccustomed to the truths of the myriad possibilities of other realms of existence.  We are so closed off, shut down in heart and mind, that fear enters when some other expanded way of life is offered.  

There is nothing to fear, neither the truth nor the lies.  This is God's universe and we are a part of IT.  That alone is a meditation that will bring to the heart great understanding and peace.  Open the mind, let curiosity rule, and wait for the gods to bring you amazing experiences.  I know because I have done this recently, and accessed a whole part of myself that was waiting in the wings, patiently paused, for me to invite it toward me to show me more!  Once we've gotten even a small vision of our cosmic self, all of this seems dull - we realize we've been living in a black and white world, while the whole time the universe thrives in brilliant technicolor.  ~Sharda~

We Are the One, part 2 of 3
by Alec Christo
August 25, 2014

In 1995, Alec Christos entered planet Earth on the Autumn Equinox festivity, by way of a 'minor' car accident, with Juvay Onara the driver and host. Alec Stephens Gabbitas, a powerful light-worker in his own right, exited his body physical forthwith! This was instant  and the 'walking-in' of Alec Christos, in highest divine order, afforded the pre-arranged soul agreement that would be effectual as the planet was entering a requisite energy spectrum / space/ time continuum. A galactic 'green for go,' indicated immediate action for the physical 'space suit' to house its new tenant, Alec Christos, and his then mission     commenced. He was engaged for a five year 'contract' and first had to realign his own 'lighter' energies to a more conducive level enabling his working comfortably.Then after a

15 month re-adjustment period, proceeded on the closing down of the portal time caps and the reactivating of the 27 crystal portal grid alignment. Beloved Gaia was ever a prime focus and for her to regain her just entitlement for her energy uplift, and also for one and all upon her earthly body, her human children, her loving consorts and her fellow travelers, all the animals on land or sea, the flora and fauna, birds, insects and all related kingdoms were to be free to raise their own vibrations out of  3rd density into 4th or fifth.

Video: A Guided Meditation of Your I AM Presence

In view of Sandra Walter's recent message, I am posting this video as a way for whomever is interested to connect to their I AM Presence.  She write:
"When we serve as reflections of the higher realms of consciousness by sending them Divine Love, Divine Light, and request Divine Will be done, we serve as conduits for Divine Intervention. We utilize free will principles by sending Divine intent to Source, our I AM Presence, Higher Self, and divine aspects. When we send this Lovelight to our higher levels, we grant permission for our prearranged ascension contracts to fully activate. It is our active participation in becoming true creators – Divine HUmans – which calls forth the accelerations of the Shift in consciousness."

I have been using the meditation for a while now, on and off.  Most recently, I listen to it more often, and have found it has taken me to greater heights than I could have imagined.  Anthony's intention for these videos is to freely assist seekers toward the goal of Self Realization, and I feel that is why they are so effective.  By utilizing this or similar meditations, we can continue our engagement with the powerful Lighted beams of consciousness that have accelerated and are infiltrating our atmosphere.

 It has become much easier to connect to the kind of energy offered in this I AM Presence video. 3D is thinning out rapidly, and I can only participate in those things with a more gentile and refined vibration.  Attachments, what few I have left, are holding on by a mere thread.  The things the mind used to go to for enjoyment, when referenced mentally, feel unloving and shallow.  I ceased my Facebook interaction almost entirely (with the exception of one very small, private group of God-centered, like-minded individuals), and I have no interest in anything outside of work that takes me further away from my goal.

 It's.  All.  A.   Distraction.

Even coming here to my blog - I really have no interest in telling anyone what to do. More and more I am holding the space less and less: on days like this I feel I will catapulted right into the Milky Way.  If these prolonged periods of blissful detachment continue, I feel I must honor them by removing myself from the last of these worldly trappings and engaging full time in mediation and contemplation surrounded by nature.  Perhaps my recent visit by Serapis Bey and all that has transpired in mind and heart, marks a turning point.  He took me in at the very beginning.  Now we are meeting anew, which I am intuiting as the finish, the conclusion of all my initiations.  I've always trusted that my experiences have been a barometer for the qualities of ascension, and I am immensely grateful that I can discern at this level.  I look around and truly wonder, am stupefied actually, that so many are entwined in the world, chasing the ghost of material acquisition and sense gratification. 

The parting of the dimensions has taken place, and it is almost painful to watch the world in its mad pursuit of...anything...everything.  Anything that does not have the Christed light as its basis feels prickly, sticky, and tolerating it due to engrained habit is not enough to maintain that relationship with the world.   All the "reasons" given us to keep our placement in the world, even the so-called enlightened ones, will have no bearing upon one's decision to return home. 

With much love,